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New Services

Coming Soon:



Brows/ Henna brows




Cosmetic tattooing (brows, scalp, lips, eyeliner)

Brow Microblading/ Shading




Booking Policies


• Please arrive on time for you appointment. After 15 minutes you will need to reschedule and you will be charged for the entire amount of your missed service. Please remember to allow yourself time to find parking.

• Beautyhood requires that all clients are required to keep a valid credit card on file. Please provide a 24 hour notice for cancellations and rescheduling. If you do not provide proper notice, you will be charged for the full amount of your service.

• Make sure to arrive makeup free to your appointment! You may bring makeup with you to apply afterwards.

• Pricing on fills are subject to change. At least 50% of the extensions should be on the natural lash. If you come in with less than 50% of your lashes, and the appointment runs over its scheduled time there will be an up-charge. Please be advised that in the event that there is another appointment directly after you, we will not be able to take your appointment past the scheduled time which means your lashes may not be as full as you would like.

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